Women’s Work? Men!

Women’s Work? Men!

Our book Seduction Redefined: A Guide to Creative Collaboration of the Feminine and Masculine is a call to women to rediscover their Feminine power through the biological skill of seduction. Women are designed to choose their mates and to be the guides to civilized behavior for the men in their lives.

But Seduction Redefined is not just about loving relationships. It is also about building the self-recognition of women’s power to guide men to sustainable actions. In this context, it’s about every contact a woman has with every man in her life, in every part of her life.

Men act in the ways they do primarily as a result of the displays they sense will be successful in mating with females. This is primordial and unconscious most of the time, and because it comes from the deepest animal part of the human male, it even applies to gay men. The successful displays get chosen by women, at least in societies where their choices are allowed, and down through hundreds of thousands of years, that has led to the creation of the today’s men. Sexual selection, of men by women, has formed men in their present image, since as certain displays are successful, they become more pronounced and become more popular in succeeding generations of females.

Where humans screwed up this great evolutionary system was in creating the patriarchal stranglehold over selection of mates through arranged marriage and the suppression of women. That warped the whole beautiful process, and allowed men to act pretty much in any way they wanted to, since women’s preferences had little to do with who got mating privileges. The fix was in.

That led to the creation of what we call our Alpha Mask society, in which men who are not fit to lead are trying by any means they can to be leaders. We saw in the G.W. Bush regime how that worked out, ending with the destruction of our economy and most of the world’s economies along with it, a handing over of government to sociopathic corporate interests, the division between the people and government and the deterioration of the democratic process. But no administration and no political party, or indeed any male-dominated organization is immune.

Men left to act in any way they wish will usually act in ways that are destructive and short-sighted, while those who are guided by women act in ways that strengthen the communities in which they live and raise their offspring. Women are made for connection and social stability. Guys are, well, guys….. Together, women and men have made the human race the most amazingly adaptable and clever animal on Earth. But by separating men from the influence of women we are approaching the demise of our species.

And it’s not just about mating. The feminine influence over men extends to every part of life. So we need partnership between men and women in boardrooms, offices, senate buildings, businesses and homes. In co-governorships of the states and in the co-presidency of the country. Businesses that encourage greater input from women are more successful and sustainable. Men struggle internally and externally for supremacy in the hierarchies they love to construct and feel safe in. Women build alliances and are less exclusive, more holistic in their thinking and innately ore concerned with the maintaining of stability. Men are risk-takers, focused on ‘growth’ and ‘success’, always pushing to go higher in the ranks and thereby impress women more, or so their limbic systems would have them believe.

So we have to say that in these times in which ‘women’s work’ has become a slur, we declare that the true, unavoidable and necessary work for women is men. Guiding them to behaviors and actions that will increase rather than threaten the longevity of our species and the ecosystem that supports us all. That means even lesbians working alongside men and guiding them gently towards more mindfulness through the application of the woman’s feminine influence and the enhancement of their own. After all, lesbians have been struggling to wake up the patriarchy to equality. If that isn’t guiding men to better behavior, what is it? Women’s work – for all women – is men!

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