The US Postal Service is being dismantled by corporations and their congressional shills in order to privatize all mail and package delivery.

BikerInMaskOil and chemical companies convince ‘stewards of the land’, government departments and consumers that we all need toxic chemicals on our land, in our homes, water and food.

Gas prices “spike” as if some immutable Act of God made them increase, rather than traders driving oil futures higher simply to get richer without producing anything valuable.

Corporations spend millions to convince us that government by elected officials doesn’t work, that ‘free-market’ principles, sociopathic obsession over profits and faceless corporate bureaucracies with no accountability for their actions can take its place.

We’re dancing puppets on corporate strings, pretending that stock markets are something more than rigged crap games played by high rollers at our expense.

The Winner-Takes-All masculine hierarchical culture makes democracy a sham, promotes global and domestic violence, creates cultures in which women are marginalized and threatens life on the planet. Curbing the relentless pursuit of power will require a shift to partnership of the strengths of female and male brains – holistic empathy and creative focus – looking at the world as a home, not a battleground.