The human brain gives us a lot for which to be grateful and fearful. Its ability to imagine gives us constantly shifting boundaries to cross, even if we often cross them without considering the consequences of our actions. It made us clever, social, emotional, imaginative and dangerous.

The human brain drew heroes and animals in the night skies and turned tribal campfire tales into religions to help formalize the concept of our superiority over every other species.

We pictured ourselves as the center of the universe and became the prime predators on Earth. We invented souls and spirits to give us a sense of immortality, and devised weaponry to put others’ immortality to the test.

Just as we put humans above everything but our gods (whose ‘divine word’ we edit to our own benefit), we put the male half of our species above the female half.

We appreciate our brain’s ability to dull chronic pain when we’re talking and laughing. We love its mirror neurons that create empathy and we love the love that it makes us feel. So care for it by feeding it with new neural connections, and talk, laugh and love more every day. Most of all, don’t get old in your mind!