It’s time to reject the destruction of our quality of life, of sustainable modes of existence, of other species, of viable partnerships, of ethics, accountability and responsibility, of peace and safety, of female self-esteem, of the true male and of the life expectancy of the human race. And how!

And how? We believe that a giant step in the right direction would be, first, to read our book, naturally. Then to apply some of the ideas to your life and to educate others to do the same. In short, Seduction Redefined holds the key to the creation of a new partnership paradigm for society. Western society to begin with, then spreading out across the world in a great wave of enlightenment. Too grandiose? Too verbose? Perhaps, but if we don’t begin to think BIG, our time will be up.

What’s up? Patriarchal notions of behavior are endangering the planet and everything upon it, while distorting men’s self-image. Patriarchally-damaged, small men with Big Male Masks (read the book!) are wagging their weapons at each other, bluffing and blustering and leading us into a nightmare world of death-cult envisioning, a world in which Armageddon is the goal and rapacity and destruction are the little boy’s games they are playing in a grown-up world. Time for Mom to step in and say, “Time out, little man. Go to your room while I clean up this mess.” That’s the key.

See, there are things men are designed for and there are things women are designed for. Men are designed for focusing on the job at hand, creating things as a display for women, destroying things (also as a display) and spraying seed wherever they can. Women are designed for seeing the whole picture, creating connections, guiding the Masculine into more mindful behavior and creating life from raw seed. Men are not designed to choose their mates. This according to Charles Darwin and his Sexual Selection theory (read the book!). Men are designed to display their best traits, or at least what they believe are their best traits. Women are designed to select their mates. So, guys, that’s why so many of you have been rejected so many times when you made the first move. And it’s partly why so many marriages end in divorce. Male-initiated marriages are more likely to end in divorce than female-initiated marriages. Google it sometime.

Some time has passed, about 6,000 years, since the Feminine played a major role in “developed” societies. During that time, we’ve seen a lot of stuff created and destroyed, and we’ve seen the creation of the myth of the Masculine being the power in the world. Now we can see where that’s dragging us. Our country is in endless wars and men are killing other men (as well as women) all over the world. That’s what society-conditioned men, left to their own devices, do, and they’re doing it with bigger, harder and more potent weapons every day. It’s the Viagra generation of weaponry.

Now it’s time for women to use their biological seductive power to reclaim their true role as the civilizers of men. Women are the drivers of evolution, through their mate choices, their child-rearing, their ability to understand the bigger picture and thereby the consequences of their, and their mates’, actions. Women are the only hope for steering men away from their path to certain destruction.

Seduction, as in the new Seduction Redefined, is the hope for women and men everywhere. Using the Feminine Alpha Power to make men feel safe enough to drop their Male Masks (read the book!), initiating relationships with the men who display traits that are more to do with their complex inner selves than with the emotionless killing machines that are the current fashion, teaching men about the better life, better sex, better relationships that are possible in a true partnership society. That’s Seduction Redefined.

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