seduction redefined.

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You say women already select their mates? When asked, sometimes they say, “Yes”—and some of the most assertive women do select. But in the urban singles scene, most women and men circle each other uneasily with the women giving subtle signals that don’t work anymore! In the post-feminism world, most men have become too unsure of their roles, so women must initiate boldly.

And once they’re together, women want romantic love and men want sexual love. Sounds simple, but divorce rates are high and 26% of American residences are single-occupant households!
In Seduction Redefined, authors, “evolutionary behaviorists,” and partnership activists Donna Sheehan and Paul Reffell explore cultural history, modern science, and their own love story, in a guide to creating true partnership.

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Seduction Redefined asks women to awaken the power they all possess – the seductive power of the Feminine. It has been both deified and denied, because it is a force for change, and change is scary. But it is still there, in every woman, awaiting the awakening.

Praise For Seduction Refedined

“Not another book on gender issues? Yes, and finally a foundation on gender to which I can teach. How necessary it is! Finally, a fresh and fascinating look at exactly what is going on inside us when men and women get together.”


John J. Scherer,

Author of Work and the Human Spirit

“In Seduction Redefined, authors Donna Oehm Sheehan and Paul Reffell divide and conquer the millennia-old belief that men have the upper hand at choosing their mate. According to the authors—and Charles Darwin, and the animal kingdom in general—it is in fact females who are biologically predetermined to choose among parading males for the best mate to sustain the species and the world.

Jacquelynne Ocaña

North Bay Bohemian

“Authors Sheehan and Reffell define themselves as “evolutionary behaviorists.” If you haven’t heard this term before, it’s because Sheehan and Reffell invented it—with good reason. They’ve also come up with a powerful perspective on the complex relationship between males and females.”

Paki Wright

Bohemian Buddhist Review

“Why is it that the smallest and simplest of books tend to be the most powerful? Is it because they present to the reader ideas, concepts, theories, or proposals that are already implanted in the back of people’s minds that make enormous sense?”

William A. Spriggs