Nuclear reactors are a product of the ingenious male brain. Nuclear power generation in Japan is a result of male-dominated postwar U.S. policy to force the only country to be bombed “in anger” by nuclear weapons to accept nuclear reactors from the country that bombed them.

The Fukushima nuclear power plant’s faulty design is a result of male-dominated corporate greed and lack of foresight. At the time of its design by General Electric, one of their engineers revealed that it had dangerous flaws. GE’s response was that having to redesign reactors might jeopardize their profit margin, so nothing was changed.

When it became clear that Fukushima could become a catastrophe that would affect us all, offers of assistance from other countries were rebuffed by Japan, a result of centuries of their male-dominated culture’s dread of ‘losing face’ by admitting any need for help.

Cultures that operate on strict male hierarchy and prefer their women to be ‘obedient’ become dangerously dysfunctional. Corporations whose sole obligation is profit become sociopathic. Brilliant, focused male brains operating without brilliant, holistic female brains to give balance and a sense of consequence and connection can endanger the planet.

We see all this in play at Fukushima.