There is no human activity as simultaneously nerve-racking, time-consuming, pleasurable, rewarding, frustrating and mysterious as the search for a mate. Unfortunately, it is also obscured by myths and fears created by lack of proper information, from movies, peers and parents. Add to that the damage caused by past rejection and it can seem impossible.

Many people, especially women, are intimidated to the point of giving up their search for partnership. Women and men wait for their prince or princess to magically appear. One of the most important decisions in their lives is left to fate. Perhaps that is partly why 27% of American households are single-occupant.

Charles Darwin’s sexual selection theory, the basis for evolutionary psychology, states that in most species the male displays and the female selects the male with the most attractive display. Darwin wrote that selection by the female was as powerful a driver of evolution as natural selection.

Does that apply to the human species? Are women capable of choosing the ‘right’ partner? What if it were a biological imperative that they do so, for the sake of the species? What if, rather than waiting for men, women actively and consciously made the choice and the first advances?