You’ll never feel the need for cosmetic surgery between your eyebrows. Maybe that’s how you can be so focused on your goals. On the way, you’re appreciating all the trappings of success for which you’ve worked so hard. You’re designed to adapt to any circumstances, but, in adulthood, beware of becoming a hard-liner. You’ve left some egos floating in your wake, but it‘s a tough world out there and you’ll think about the meaning of life once you’ve got where you’re going.

 Relationship tip: You’re looking for the ideal mate in a stable relationship. The less emotional, the better, as far as you’re concerned. Growing up, some dates may have called you insensitive, so you’ve learned to shape your responses to anyone’s needs. The pressure of doing so will build. Better tell your partner how you feel before you explode. With your extensive abilities, you’re a prize catch for any prospective partner.

 BrainLines of the Rich and Famous: Celia Alvarez, Tammy Faye Bakker, William F. Buckley Jr., Chiang Kai-Shek, Jeffrey Dahmer, Lawrence Durrell, Antoine Fuqua, David Geffen, Benny Goodman, Ernest Hemingway, Djimon Hounson, Jesse Jackson, Rinko Kikuchi, Larry King, Henry Kissinger, Norman Mailer, Henry Miller, Benjamin Netanyahu, Norio Ohga, Seth Rogen, Thierry Roussel, Mark Ruffalo, Bob Vila, Kurt Vonnegut, Barbara Walters.