LeftClearYou’re a poet with a surgeon’s eye. You are most successful in imaginative, even idealistic, pursuits. If you’re an artist, you’re the rare kind that has the confidence and pragmatism to market their own work. If you’re an entrepreneur, you want to make people’s lives better with your inventions, even while making a living from them. Don’t hide your soft side, there’s room at the top for a big heart.

 Relationship tip: “I’m sorry, it just feels like we’re getting in a rut.” Did you say that? Love is your bed of oysters and you want to find the pearls. You’ve been disappointed when your vision of a relationship didn’t come true. Once you’ve found someone who can keep up with your need for excitement, you’ll devote yourself to refining the relationship until it’s running smoothly. Then you’ll be able to work towards your dream. Half the fun is getting there.

 BrainLines of the Rich and Famous: W.H.Auden, Lindsey Buckingham, Bill Cosby, Ram Dass, Willem de Kooning, Robert J. Eaton, Gerald Ford, Bill Gates, John Goodman, Scott Hamilton, Peter Jennings, Geoffrey Miller, Minnesota Fats, Rupert Murdoch, Pervez Musharraf, Sarah Polley, Tim Robbins, Maggie Ross, Charles Ruff, Richard Serra, Isaac Bashevis Singer, Gertrude Stein.