BrainLines profile of a Left Double

BrainLines profile of a Left Double

Left Double

  “There are no pastimes, only passions.” Bet you wish you’d said that. If you’ve been given a free enough rein in your lifetime, you feel the truth of that saying. There’s a neon sign over your head that reads, “Creative.” And that can cover everything from painting through writing to social skills and lifestyle. You are aware of all the emotional levels around you. If you could, you’d ask everyone the questions that would lay their souls bare. You are spontaneous, sensitive and emotional. You’re quite a handful!

Relationship tip: Courtship, to you, meansmystery and theater. Not to mention passion, which is a constant in your life. Your partner will have to be imaginative to keep up with you. You also need someone who is not intimidated by non-conformity and creativity, and who is not easily embarrassed. You may have to “upgrade” partners a few times, but the search will be exciting, delicious and full of fun. Just like life itself.

 BrainLines of the Rich and Famous: Kay Boyle, Richard Burton, Fidel Castro, John Cleese, Glenn Close, Jean-Michel Cousteau, Louise M. Davies, Judi Dench, Bob Dole, Lawrence Ferlinghetti, K.D. Lang, Andie McDowell, Marilyn Monroe, Jack Nicholson, Gregory Peck, Pablo Picasso, Paul Reffell, Julia Roberts, Chris Rock, Donna Sheehan, Kiki Smith, Randy Travis, Sol Wachtler, Lesley Ann Warren, Boris Yeltsin.

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