BrainLines – Ban the Botox

We’ve both been visiting dermatologists recently to repair some of the skin damage done by lifetimes in the sun and on the sea. As we sit in waiting rooms, we laugh at cartoons in past issues of The New Yorker and then reluctantly pick up the ubiquitous promotional leaflets for Botox.

“Before” and “After” pictures illustrate the madness of a culture in which a woman will spend hundreds of dollars every few months to paralyze the muscles of her face, so that she cannot show “frown lines.”

Looking at so many expressionless, Barbie-smooth faces – and, on the Web, the horrific pictures of Botoxing gone wrong – has inspired us to try to help women and men gain a new appreciation of their “frown lines” and save them from self-mutilation.

We like to say, “They’re not wrinkles, they’re Thinkles!” After years of research and interviews, we call those vertical lines between the eyebrows BrainLines, because they are physical markers of innate left- and right-brain propensities, and therefore markers of basic personality. Once you understand what BrainLines are, it’s possible to find the beauty in them and impossible not to “read” everyone you meet! Ban the Botox! Go to

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