RightDoubleThe Right Double reading displays two lines, one on each side of the forehead between the eyebrows. The line on your right-hand side is longer than the one on the left.

You’re the observer with the twinkling eye and the concise one-liner to sum up the occasion. You could be a rocket scientist with an art degree.

Although you would love to organize your life, you have that quirky side that keeps everything slightly off-balance. Don’t deny your sensitivity to the feelings of the people around you. It’s a valuable asset.

Thank goodness you’re around to give sensible advice to the more illogical among us, yet maintain your sense of humor. If you were an IPO, you’d be a great investment.

Relationship tip: You are tolerant, idealistic, rational and practical. Need we say more? Well, O.K., you’re also prone to letting your career take precedence over your relationship. But you have some built-in emotional radar that will tell you when your partner’s getting antsy for expressions of love. Pay attention and don’t keep your love-life on auto-pilot.


Right Double: James Baldwin, Mayor Willie Brown, Jim Carrey, Julia Childs, Chow Yun Fat, Peter Coyote, Leonardo DiCaprio, James Dickey, Michael Douglas, Albert Einstein, Charlton Heston, Don Johnson, Jack Kevorkian, Kevin Kline, Gabriel Orozco, Leon Panetta, Robert Redford, Kenneth Rexroth, Geraldo Rivera, Mister Rogers, Orville Schell, Charles Schwab, Gen. Norman Schwarzkopf, Jessica Tandy, Elizabeth Taylor, Ted Turner.