Donna's Art

Humans, Nature, and Human Nature.


The Human Condition Series



Monotypes. I listened to Laurie Anderson as she sang about the human condition and these were the images that arose.

Etchings. This series is all about the male who thinks he’s pursuing, when really it’s the female that is seducing him into displaying, simply by her powerful presence as a female.

The Seduction Series

The Oil Slick Series

Photographs with mixed media. An oil spill off our coast provoked this series. I couldn’t coat myself in crude oil, so I used mashed black beans, had photographer Jan Watson record the images, then I painted on the photographs.

Monotypes. These were created during the height of my eros after meeting Paul. I combined horses and human figures to convey the power of my experiences.

The Equeros Series

The Miwok Mimics Series

Etchings and Monotypes. This series is very dear to me. As a girl in Sonora, CA, in the Sierra Nevada foothills, I would see the aftermath of the white invasion of ancestral lands – Miwok men and women sitting on the streets, destitute and despised by those who profited out of their being driven out of Yosemite, a park for white people. I went back to my roots and created this series as a homage to the Miwoks I saw there and those I met in West Marin, but stopped when I realized they could be viewed as more exploitation of a noble, peaceful people.


Acrylic on canvas. Living on Tomales Bay, I am surrounded and fascinated by waterfowl and shorebirds. But every year, the hunters come again and slaughter ducks for sport. How could I save them? Take them into my bathtub?

Donna Saves the Birds

Donna Saves the Bears

Acrylic on canvas. I’ve always been saddened by the slaughter of our bears, and other wildlife, for sport.