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Since the early 1980s, Mow & Sow has worked on the reduction of pesticide use by government agencies, researching range management practices, a nd supporting sustainable community agriculture.

Thistle Control

Just one Mow & Sow Success story: Ranchers in West Marin frequently use aerial spraying to combat thistles. They do this every year, to no effect (otherwise, why do they need to spray every year?), at great cost, instead of rooting out the thistles as they appear and before they go to seed.

Susie Schlesinger is one rancher on the Marin-Sonoma border who embodies the true “Steward of the Land” ethic. She has diligently managed the thistles on her ranch by hand-pulling and cutting until, where once the thistles grew taller than her, there is now healthy soil and grass for her livestock. Hers is a true example of sustainable stewardship that refutes those who assert that “only herbicides can control thistles.”

Our History

 Donna Sheehan launched Mow & Sow in October 1986, as a response to nearly a decade of unnecessary pesticide spraying along Highway 1 by Caltrans. Originally launched with the name MOW! (as in, Mow Our Weeds!) under the aegis of the Environmental Action Committee, Mow & Sow has organized peaceful demonstrations and offered educational programs and workshops about native grasses, natural herbicides, and non-toxic vector management. Taking their activism one step further, Mow & Sow has also taken legal and political action to protect community health, support sustainable agriculture, and promote global peace. Mow & Sow has also advised other counties on developing their own grassroots environmental programs, supported the design of an intentional community at Old Mill Farm, and created the Baring Witness project


 Mow & Sow has been endorsed by the Sierra Club, the Environmental Action Committee of West Marin, Earth Island Institute, and the Tomales Bay Association. The organization received the Sir Percivall Pott Award from the Toxics Coordinating Project for Significant Achievement by an Activist Organization and “in recognition of significant contributions to controlling toxics in California.”

For her environmental work, Donna Sheehan received:

The Stewards of the Land Award from Environmental Action Committee
An award from the Marin Center for Peace and Justice
The Giraffe Project Commendation for “sticking her neck out for the Common Good.”

Mow & Sow is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Donations are tax-deductible. Please support our continuing work in educating the public.

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