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Men and Women/Cultural Damage ♦ Joyful Partnerships ♦ Female and Male Brain Differences with Louann Brizendine, MD ♦ The Great Oyster Solstice Dance ♦ West Marin Rising—Kate Kain / Stop violence against Women and Girls ♦ Non-mothers conversation on Mother’s Day ♦ Preventable Cervical Cancer and Circumcision ♦ Plan the Ban on Women’s Abuse ♦ Sharing Pain ♦ Fukushima to Solartopia

Together Donna and Paul have collaborated on interactive public art installations (Wargasm and Pro-Degradation) and spearheaded two global peace movements: Baring Witness and Global Orgasm for Peace. Their latest project is the Cultural Potholes Institute, a collective of all their work and interests. One of the Institute’s first projects is a Cultural Potholes documentary film series called There are only two problems on Earth—Men and Women!—currently in development.

Through their work together, Donna and Paul model the importance of the partnership between feminine and masculine brains and skills. They see the cultural damage caused by the suppression of the feminine, and the “Cultural Potholes” been caused by that damage. Together, they are committed to raising awareness of this damage—and leading the charge to repair it by reclaiming the power of feminine for both women and men.

Together, Donna and Paul have written two books—successful collaborations built from the fact that Paul is a wordsmith, Donna has an idea a minute, and they both edit each other. Seduction Redefined: A guide to creative collaboration of the Feminine and Masculine grew out of workshops that Donna offered. Brain Lines: The seven personality types that determine how we love, live and work is a personality profiling system based on the physical “worry-line” markers indicating left- and right-brain influence.

More About Donna

Donna Oehm Sheehan is an award-winning artist and author as well as a passionate community and environmental activist. In a lifetime of varied experiences, Donna has been a teacher, counselor, travel agent, professional cyclist, commercial fisherwoman, and international tour guide. While working her way around the world in her twenties, she even worked for US Counter-Intelligence in Tokyo and Berlin.

Until the mid-1990’s, her artwork centered on paintings, monotypes, etchings, and photographs, most with an environmental message. In 1994, Donna began creative collaboration with Paul Reffell on writing and public art installations.

In 2002, her extraordinary vision in creating Baring Witness earned her a place in the history of the global peace movement. Alarmed by the impending invasion of Iraq, she had a vision of women creating words and symbols of peace with their naked bodies. Donna and Paul planted this seed and created a profound and moving force for peace that took root on all seven continents. Donna has founded numerous organizations, including:

  • Mow & Sow, a nonprofit dedicated to educating about the dangers of pesticide use and changing Highway One from spraying to mowing
  • The ORLO Foundation, synthesizing the arts and environmental activism
  • Point Reyes Fine Arts Community Gallery
  • West Marin Community Radio Station KWMR
  • Beyond Artifice symposia on art and the environment
  • Seduction Redefined workshops

As an outgrowth of the Seduction Redefined workshops, Donna and Paul wrote Seduction Redefined: A Guide to Creative Collaboration of the Feminine and Masculine. Top

More about Paul

Paul Reffell was born and raised in the UK, where he learnt British spelling, studied architecture, and worked for Her Majesty’s Government before leaving to sail the Seven Seas on other people’s boats.

Seven years, four Transatlantic crossings, one Indian Ocean and two trans-Pacific voyages later, after skippering charters and deliveries in the Pacific, Mediterranean and Caribbean and sailing one-and-a-half times around the world, Paul swallowed the anchor and settled in Hawai’i for twelve years. He made a living repairing and remodeling houses. These skills brought him to Northern California in 1993, where he met Donna Sheehan—and his life changed. Paul became immersed in Donna’s activism and art projects. One of the first things they did together was to hold a wake for Donna, prior to a heart procedure that doctors gave her a 50/50 chance of surviving. As “Goddy” he “resurrected” her from her casket and they and all the attendees danced the night away. Donna survived both the wake and the procedure. Together, Donna and Paul have written books, collaborated on interactive public art installations, and led two global peace movements. Top