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Who We Are

Cultural Potholes reveals the things that we ignore, take for granted, miss, or just don’t know about. From pesticides to brain science, from patriarchy to musicians, we put the limelight on facets of culture that may have become invisible to many of us. Familiarity breeds invisibility. Cultural Potholes includes all our projects, because all of them share the same quality of uncovering the unseen or unacknowledged

Baring Witness

What We Are Doing

We are in production on a video series to show the dire need to move toward a model of cultural partnership between the feminine and masculine strengths we all possess. The series and social campaign challenge everyone to reject destructive and dysfunctional feminine and masculine stereotypes born of the dominator system and reap the sustainable benefits of true partnership at all levels of culture, before it’s too late.  Episodes One and Two are now complete: “Part One: Be Heard“. And “Part Two: Women – Take the Initiative!

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The Formidable Human Brain

The Formidable Human Brain

The human brain gives us a lot for which to be grateful and fearful. Its ability to imagine gives us constantly shifting boundaries to cross, even if we often cross them without considering the consequences of our actions. It made us clever, social, emotional,...

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